The Ursus Group is a purpose built consulting firm with a focus on manufacturing, operational excellence, continuous improvement, and strategy development.

Manufacturing Expertise

With over 20 years in manufacturing, including robotics, machining, fabrication, and assembly, we specialize in perfecting the process of making a quality product that delivers ON TIME.

Operational Excellence

A sign of a great company is one that is focused on procedures and best practices that support operational excellence throughout the entire company. This includes safety, environmental, and employee excellence.

Continuous Improvement

We not only focus on getting our clients more efficient and profitable but also work to instill a culture of continuous improvement throughout the organization. This inevitably takes consistency and support from progressive leadership.

Strategy Development

We all have to live and die by our strategies and this is often an area of intense focus. Understanding where you want to be as a company, what you need to get there, and communicating this to your employees can be the single biggest difference maker in achieving your goals.

Black Belts in Six Sigma

Experience You Can Trust

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